Love will makes one so whole it’s safe to open up as widely as you dare and fly high. Pain is an explosion that will rip you in a thousand pieces and makes you crash, so you’ll want to curl up and close, gathering what you can and hold it back together. The first gives you a set of wings, the second comes with a parachute. Each will make you fly in ways you wouldn’t suspect, if you understand and accept that they are simply a process, two parts of the same wave that are no more distinct than you and your Self. It seems cliché to say embrace the pain, but the quicker one does just that, the quicker one will ride that wave and move back onto its joyful counterpart. At some miraculous point the parachute morphs into a new set of wings, but it doesn’t stop there. Eventually we learn to surf in ways that transform every wave into joy.

Receiving signals

Direct messages from the universe are as powerful as they are discreet… Or so it seems. Once we learn how to see and what to look for, it is surprising to witness how signs abound, and how one’s apparent craziness is far less crazy than treading life with one’s eyes semi-closed, as before noticing the magical power of synchronicity.
They may be very subtle, but if you shut down resistance to the deeper emanations of the Source of life itself, their light will shine so bright your inner eye might blink a few times, your heart might skip a beat and you might just smile for no reason at all… Or so it seems.




Hello tear

I found a broken man sitting on a chair
playing a song with pieces of his heart
I asked him his name and he gave me a tear
So I said hello tear, may I take you somewhere?

I found a heart sitting alone on a chair
I asked where’s your owner and it said “over there”
And sure enough there was a man walking on air.
He saw me and said dear, have you seen my tear?
She left so long ago, where did she go?

I smiled and looked with him up in the air
I held his hand and looked inside the ground
I gazed with him inside his coffee cup,
he opened his heart so we could search inside
I still can’t find my tear he said,
can I have yours instead?

I found a man who looked like a mirror
I leaned closer and fell in the picture.
Among the broken lines I saw them appear,
Thousand little smiles shining in every tear

lines to the Moon…

Emotions trace lines all over us, roads and path that criss-cross in every direction again and again, new and old lines mixing. And those wrinklles in our hearts, those bitter-sweet imprints of love shared or lost, make it grow and become ever more embracing, loving, forgiving. There are no limits to how much a heart can love, and through each disappointment or setbacks, it learns to love even more.

This is what Death tells us. That no matter how it stretches my heart when someone dear to me is taken away, it won’t break ; because my heart will just stretch even more, all the way to the Moon, why not ? And beyond every star, every corner of space and time a spirit might venture to ; my body may be right here among all the other moving bodies, the ones pumping warm blood and oxygen every second of the night and day without a second thought…

but when you leave yours, my heart will be right there with you among the celestial bodies. In a split second it will follow you to your new home and explore with you. Because this is the nature of the heart and its mission of love. Let your spirit follow the lines traced in your heart, let it explore these dark alleys and sweet corners, until you discover…

What? That it’s all there. That there are doors that merge rather than separate, that once you have stepped through its all the same ; you  me… here, there, yesterday, now and tomorrow. All weaved in the timeless fabric of love.

Soul connections

When souls are made from the same fabric, there is nothing in the universe that can stop their encounter. No matter where they incarnate and regardless of their circumstances, their lives will collide at some point. Like two shooting stars  inexorably launched on a mutual trajectory, their paths will inevitably cross, triggering the mix of chaos and harmony, fear and endless possibilities that are bound to happen in connexion with such a passionate clash of energy. In fact, the only  impossible thing in such a configuration is for the encounter not to happen.
As it is, circumstances will mold so that the souls may join.  And because this is an imperfect world fraught with mishaps and missed opportunities, if the encounter is delayed, the circumstance will bend accordingly and create a host of new possibilities.
Once the souls actually meet, the recognition is instant. Whatever guise the relationship adopts, whether friendship, a romantic attachement, siblings, parent-child or Teacher-student type bond,  the souls, feeling a nostalgia for the time they were part of one, unique fabric, long to merge again and find delight in each other’s simple presence. Their joy far exceeds anything the material world has to offer. Because it belongs to essence, soul connections require no words, promises or possessions.


For years the words “love” and “synchronicities” danced in my mind like two exuberant lovers. Beautiful to watch and relentless at the same time, they inspired a host of thoughts I longed to put into form. From as long as I can remember I noticed them, the synchronicities or so-called coincidences that “happen” in what we call everyday life. I decided early on to do my best to identify them, to listen to them and follow them whenever and wherever I could. It is a different approach to life, akin to a bird gliding from current to current of warm air, waiting for nature’s impulse to make it soar.

In this way I have experienced life-changing friendships, switched careers or even continents, all because of a so-called chance encounter, an intuition, a dream or something a total stranger had said. I did not always see so clearly what had triggered certain decisions, and it wasn’t until I consciously noticed synchronistic manifestations that they began to multiply, acquiring both increased strength and significance. I also noticed how love often walks hand in hand with synchronicities. In fact they seem to preclude it, enhance it, protect it and nourish it at the same time.

Eventually the two lovers dancing in my mind came together and gave me their offsprings in the form of thoughts and reflexions. So I have no choice but to let them grow, respect their pace, listen to them breathe and finally speak. I hope I will be a good listener and a faithful interpreter when I experience the joy of sharing with you.