We all wake up in the morning and go to sleep every night, although some of us do that backwards or in a rather uneven fashion but you get the idea. This guiding principle, the inescapable wave that brings us in and out of consciousness every day, also governs our entire lives in a way that we fail to see because it so far exceeds our capacity to perceive time. Roughly 80 years for most of us, the length of human life? Can we even go there?
Now that would be about 29 200 days…  Dying and reincarnating is akin to falling asleep and waking up the next day for a whole new experience, except a few thousand more days went by. Instead of a new set of clothes, you’re wearing a new personality. For a while, you will believe that it defines who you are, that that’s “all there is to it” or rather, all there is to you… But the reality is that this life too will pass, in the blink of an eye, and you will die again. You will fall asleep and wake up again to a new life yet again, and again, and again. Except the “sleeping time”, what we call death, is little more than a slip out of our current consciousness.

The reality is that we don’t simply slip out of consciousness, we dive into an altered state of consciousness. From the perspective of a human life and what happens during that time, we slide into dream state. From the perspective of spiritual life and what happens in between, we enter the most awakened state, the most complete consciousness ever available to a sentient being, one that puts us in touch with our soul. In that state, we are also in direct connection with what we can’t really grasp during our limited time in human form, which is why we call it Oneness, God, Source, all-that-is… Our clumsy attempts to name the infinite reality we are fully part of between waves of what we call “life”.

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