Soul connections

When souls are made from the same fabric, there is nothing in the universe that can stop their encounter. No matter where they incarnate and regardless of their circumstances, their lives will collide at some point. Like two shooting stars  inexorably launched on a mutual trajectory, their paths will inevitably cross, triggering the mix of chaos and harmony, fear and endless possibilities that are bound to happen in connexion with such a passionate clash of energy. In fact, the only  impossible thing in such a configuration is for the encounter not to happen.
As it is, circumstances will mold so that the souls may join.  And because this is an imperfect world fraught with mishaps and missed opportunities, if the encounter is delayed, the circumstance will bend accordingly and create a host of new possibilities.
Once the souls actually meet, the recognition is instant. Whatever guise the relationship adopts, whether friendship, a romantic attachement, siblings, parent-child or Teacher-student type bond,  the souls, feeling a nostalgia for the time they were part of one, unique fabric, long to merge again and find delight in each other’s simple presence. Their joy far exceeds anything the material world has to offer. Because it belongs to essence, soul connections require no words, promises or possessions.

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