For years the words “love” and “synchronicities” danced in my mind like two exuberant lovers. Beautiful to watch and relentless at the same time, they inspired a host of thoughts I longed to put into form. From as long as I can remember I noticed them, the synchronicities or so-called coincidences that “happen” in what we call everyday life. I decided early on to do my best to identify them, to listen to them and follow them whenever and wherever I could. It is a different approach to life, akin to a bird gliding from current to current of warm air, waiting for nature’s impulse to make it soar.

In this way I have experienced life-changing friendships, switched careers or even continents, all because of a so-called chance encounter, an intuition, a dream or something a total stranger had said. I did not always see so clearly what had triggered certain decisions, and it wasn’t until I consciously noticed synchronistic manifestations that they began to multiply, acquiring both increased strength and significance. I also noticed how love often walks hand in hand with synchronicities. In fact they seem to preclude it, enhance it, protect it and nourish it at the same time.

Eventually the two lovers dancing in my mind came together and gave me their offsprings in the form of thoughts and reflexions. So I have no choice but to let them grow, respect their pace, listen to them breathe and finally speak. I hope I will be a good listener and a faithful interpreter when I experience the joy of sharing with you.

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